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SKY compatible ROOM LINK & Remote Control Set

SKY compatible ROOM LINK & Remote Control Set



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Product Details

The SKY compatible Room Link allows you to have your Sky programs sent to another TV in your home. There are no installation costs and no monthly fees to pay. This is just a clever gadget to send your Sky channels to any other room in your house.

With your new chosen room, simply connect your ROOM LINK gadget into the back of your TV and then connect your standard TV aerial into the ROOM LINK. Then place the infra red eye either on the top or bottom of the TV, so that you can point your remote control...and that is it...ready to receive your Sky channels straight to that extra TV ! 

With your extra Sky compatible remote control, you can then control your Sky programs from that extra room where you have connected your ROOM LINK, without having to go back to your main Sky box.

You can even move the ROOM LINK around your home, from your bedroom to the kitchen, to the kids bedroom. Or it might be easier to order extra sets.

Sky compatible remote control is the latest version, which is compatible for Sky HD and Sky Plus facilities
The SKY compatible ROOM LINK is very easy to fit and the remote comes with a full set of instructions, but acts in exactly the same way as your current Sky remote control.

Please Note: A Coax cable is required to link between your set top box and sky room link. This cable is not supplied, but can be purchased easily online or through any good hardware store.


The SKY compatible Room Link allows you to have SKY TV in multiple rooms in your home
The SKY compatible Room Link allows you to control your Sky TV services from any room
Save ££'s each month on Sky Multi Room Service
Connects via coaxial port in the back of the TV
Sits discretely behind and on top of the TV – ideal for modern flat screen TVs